The Cargohut foldable storage container is an inexpensive, modern and robust storage container for personal and commercial storage applications.

Cargohut Construction:

  • Panels - ISO panel (Colourbond steel skins with high-density EPS foam core)
  • Panel frame - Powder-coated extruded aluminium
  • Floor frame – Fully welded, painted steel sub-frame
  • Flooring - 18mm marine plywood
  • Colour white - other options available


  • Requires 5,000Kg forklift with extended forks when loaded
  • Stacks 3 high when loaded
  • Erected Cargohut fits into a standard 20’ shipping container
  • Stacks 7 high into a standard 20’ shipping container

Set Up:

  • Crane, forklift or other device required to erect
  • < 5 minutes to erect by a single operator

Other Features:

  • 8 internal floor & side-wall tie-down points
  • Full width double doors
  • Clean, clear interior surfaces
  • Easy to clean, repair & maintain